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New York

New York

                           Country : U.S.
                                Population: 20383000inhabitants

                                Area: 10 200 sq km
                                Density : 1 998.3 inhabitants / km ²

    The largest city in the world is located in the northeastern U.S. , the Atlantic coast , in the area of the river Hudson , is placed both on the islands ( Manhattan , Long , Staten ) and the mainland.
For New York lottery winner, $1 million was blowing in the wind

New York has a history too distant. The first European to reach these places inhabited by Indians algokin on April 17, 1524 , the Florentine navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano considered first

New York Explorer Gulf . The land was covered with forests intense , the game bogat.Datorita animal fur , Dutch merchants send their emissaries here : Van Campen and Adrien Block.In 1626, the founding year of the city, Peter Minuit bought from the Indians with ornaments , knives etc . worth $ 30

Manhattan.Pe Island this island was the nucleus of a settlement called Nieuw Amsterdam.Stabilirea Jonas Bronck family Scandinavia ,

outside of Manhattan island has led development of the first houses in the neighborhood that will bear the name , Bronx.Primele buildings of Queens appear in 1640.In 1645 the Dutch bought the island consists of small settlements Long.Colonia Dutch , who took the name of Nieuw Netherland , the Nieuw Amsterdam center , was easy prey for the English fleet sent by the Duke of York , in August 1664 , receiving a new name - preserved until today - New York.Orasul was the capital of the U.S. in the period 1785-1790 .

      Initially , the city developed slowly , in Manhattan were 200 inhabitants in 1625 , 33 131 inhabitants in 1790 and 942 292 inhabitants in 1870.Orasul today constituted in 1898 consists of: Manhattan , Queens , Brooklyn, Bronx and Richmond .

Except Richmond, other neighborhoods are themselves millionaires and multimillion cities . The New York Metropolitan Art consists of many cities with many suburbs , in which stands a few cores , which they call statisticilea Merican Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area ( SMSA ) . Main S.M.S.a. which make up the great New York are : New York , Nassau - Sufolk , Newmark , Paterson - Clifton - Passiac , Jersey City New Yorker etc.Conurbatia part of the largest urban concentration in the world.


The core of the huge metropolis was and ul.Primii Manhattan Island residents , the Dutch , have built homes defrisand forest , and wide streets arranged and drepte.Duapa cuerirea British island , immigrants flocked from all countries old Europe . fires consume 1776

Easily cae bulk of buildings and the 1835 abolition of orasului.De determine almost north to south along the island of Manhattan were drawn 10 bulevarde.Avand small space carrying the island with an area of ​​57 square kilometers, the gradually became crowded city verticala.Considerat by increasing the built space layout , Manhattan Keep cataloged , it is an " exhibition " of

Styles arhitectura.Padurea man invented skyscrapers puts decided pecetea.In neighborhood is famous Central Park neighborhood

blacks , Harlem . East of the park are located neighborhoods Italians ( Little Italy) , Spanish ( SpanishHarlem ) , Chinese ( Chinatown ) , French , Jews , Germans , Manhattan etc.Populatia total is 1.7 million which during the day add 4 300 000 people come to their jobs .

       New York has more than 2.5 million buildings , of suburban houses in Zaria - nori.In trufasii 1902 built the first skyscraper that was only 20 etaje.In 1931, Empire State Building rises to its concrete and glass silhouette sky who was to become one of the symbols orasului.Cladirea has 102 floors and a height of 440 m.este visited annually by about 2 million people. It has 72 high speed elevators that can reach the top floor in 50 secunde.Dar heights and this monster was deposed from the World Trade Center that was destroyed some time ago two avioane.World Trade Center consists two twin rectangular buildings , each with 110 floors and 412 m inaltime.Este work 50 000 oameni.Alti

skyscrapers are : Lever Hause with 60 floors , wall Tower 60 floors, 77 floors Chrysler , Rockefeller Center with 70 floors.

       New York , the city of cities , but also the symbol of the downfall of American opulence ei.Crime , robberies , drugs, terrorizing the population , degrade and destroy the youth .

       The city, which in 1830 produced gas lighting in 1870 and where the first factories stood is now the largest industrial, financial, commercial , transportation and cultural SUAIndustria very diversificata.La New York is the headquarters of the major oil companies Exxon , Texaco , Mobil Oil.Este banking and financial headquarters of the country's size first .

       Unparalleled economic power , cultural activity corresponds to the same class . In the city there are 28 universities , among them the famous Columbia University , the 3500 teachers here teach in 69 languages, including Romanian. In New York there are large libraries ( New York Public Library, Queens Public Library , etc. ) , museums ( Guggenheim , Metropolitan Museum of Art) , 19 radio stations , eight television companies , publishers .

The most famous street is Broadway , also known as The Great Whiteway ( great white way ) due to special lighting at night .

       Symbol of the city , the inhabitants of their country it identiica symbol is the Statue of Liberty ( Miss Liberty ) , located on Bedloe Island , at the entrance to the bay New York.Partile parts of the statue, made ​​of steel and 8 t 120 t copper were brought from Paris. Americans have built a large concrete base and is 92 m granit.Statuia Torch is made of ruby glass and has 13,000 bulbs W.

      All the wonders of New York and others make a great city and tourist center

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